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A little history


The women of the Minsk ghetto, or the heroines of the anti-Nazi resistance
David Meltser

The story is only about a small group of legendary women, who in their participation of underground struggle and in the partisan movement have contributed considerably in the undermining of the military power of Hitler's Wehrmacht and have written a bright page in the history of the Jewish people.

…Already June 28th the Germans captured Minsk, and immediately after that the SS-people started to destroy the Jews. The ghetto of Minsk was one of the largest in Europe. Behind barbed wire, isolated from the whole world, there were more than hundred thousand Jews.

The occupants of Hitler, persecuting the Jews in the ghetto, counted with putting them on their knees. Only, regardless of the difficult circumstances and the constant danger to life, in the ghetto of Minsk already during August 1941 there emerged an anti-Nazi movement, uniting more than 300 people, mainly young people. With the purpose of careful conspiracy in it there were created twenty two dozens and separate groups. Among the leaders of the dozens there were Cillia Botwinnik, Emma Rogova, Rosa Lipskaya, Chasia Pruslina, Sara Lewina…
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From the history of the Jewish state

During the last two centuries we know only about three attempts to establish independent Jewish states. Whereby one of them finished with a failure, the two others – with a full victory.

The first such attempt was created by Mordechai Manuel Noah, the descendant of Jews from Portugal, an American politician, journalist, philanthropist, dramaturg and famous duelist. Besides, all his life he managed to be the consul of the USA in Tunisia, sheriff, judge, inspector of the New-York port and tourist-guide. Understanding the impossibility to gather immediately the Jewish people in Palestine, this desperate person decided September 1, 1825 to establish an independent Jewish state in Grand Island (in the confines of the State of New York).
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The unfinished biography of a Jewish family (Russia of the Tsar. The Soviet Union, the United States)
Michael Krasnianski

A story about events, happenings, people, through which his whole Jewish family underwent – from Mr. Ananeva (region Odessa) during the time of the revolution, where by a miracle there entwined the fates of his uncle Moses, the brigadier-commander Kotovski, the bandit Iaponchik, the spy Rally and the chieftains of Petlura, killing Jews, through the terrible war with fascist Germany, across the sixties of the "dear Leonid Ilich" with the dissidents and the unforeseen soaring of the underground art and the corrupt Ukraine at the time of Kuchma, across the "Orange Revolution" and continuing with the emigration to the U.S.A.
During the period of the Soviet authority from eight members of the family of authors – six expire from the hands of anti-Semites "of all kinds"…
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