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Israel: A view from the side

The reaction of the Israelis to the documentary film "Jewish happiness"
Andrei Maximov

…The Jews are a bright people. The country they also built brightly. They built such a country, where everyone has his own.
From the side it might seem, that for the Israeli the main thing is – an endless struggle with the Palestinians. Many among us, brought up in the Soviet Union on the combination of words "the Israeli military", continue to take the country this way. But the Israelis themselves do not live war. For me Israel is a country where people live for each other. It is a country where every person is held in view…"
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Memoirs. Under occupation
These notes - direct evidence of non-Jews who survived the occupation.


In occupation
Alexandra Lisovskaia, Minsk

…The truth of the time of the communists – a strange truth. In order to imagine, what kind of times those were, how frightened the people were, it is sufficient to go through the Belorussian newspapers of those times and to pay attention to the headlines: "Class enemy at school" "about the work of the enemies in the Komsomol" "to liquidate the harm on the front of the graphic arts", "to clean the commercial organizations of the Belorussian Soviet Union Republic from enemy rump" "To the end we eradicate the enemies of the people"…

…War came to Liachovka on June 24, 1941. There flew airplanes with black crosses, they closed the sky and bombed, bombed…Our family was at home. Everybody stood at the stove and prayed. And the bombs fell next to our house. With us beneath the window there fell a girl killed by a splinter, whom the mother brought to the clinic, there reared up the rails of a tramway, and close by there lay a killed horse. Instead of the house of my grandmother after the first hit of a landmine there stood a column of dust. They bombed the wing of the policlinic, the outbuildings of a yeast plant, there flew bombs in the greenhouses of Sadovodstva, wounding the chief gardener of Minsk before the war – August Michailovitch Pelzmann. All covered with blood, he lay at the hothouse… "
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Kharkov under the German boot (excerpts from the diary: October 1941 – August 1943).
Lev Petrovich Nikolaev (1898-1954) – a leading anthropologist and anatomist, DM, Professor
The excavations of the Jews in the Drobitzki Ravine

…It is terrible to think about the fate of the Jews of Kharkov: They live in their ghetto around the tractor factory without the right to go out from the region allotted to them. They were allowed to take with them only those things, which they could carry in their hands. This way, even those Jews, who had products in store, are doomed to death from hunger. And after all among them there were many women and children. In the ghetto they hung around eight thousand Jews! Terror seizes the throat, when one thinks of those dramas, which were enacted every day in the ghetto. What do parents experience, seeing, how their children die. Poor, poor people!

Alexei Tolstoy was in Kharkov after the final liberation and he wrote the following lines: "The Germans started their house-holding with this, that during December 1941, dumped into holes, were around 23-24 thousands of people, starting from suckling infants. I was in the excavations of these terrible holes and can evidence the authenticity of these killings, and it was executed with extreme sophistication, to cause the victims as much suffering as possible".
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